About RV Picker

...And why we made this site

We are D&R Adventures! (Dave & RenĂ©) - we started our blog and our journey towards purchasing an RV and realized how difficult the decision making process really is. Each type of RV has pros and cons - and each pro and con are different for each person or family.

We decided to try and provide a process where you could evaluate some questions to get an idea what common recommendations would be. It's a great starting point even though there is no definitive answer for everyone.

Our questions are point-based for each type of RV, so as you answer each question, you can see the recommendations change. The points from each answer is added to the previously answered questions points, and eventually generates the final recommendation. 

Regardless of how you answer a question, it will not "rule out", or "rule in" any particular style of RV - rather, it changes the preference rating for each style.

Please keep in mind the points we chose are subjective and wouldn't apply to everyone the same. We tried to base our point system on our research, general opinions of RV'ers, and the suggested intent for each RV.

The point system for each question/answer is as follows:

-3 Would be terrible for the given question/answer

-2 Would not work well for the given question/answer

-1 Not good for the given question/answer

0 Not Applicable for the given question/answer

1 Could work for the given question/answer

2 Would work well for the given question/answer

3 Would be terrific for the given question/answer

I created RV Picker to hopefully help other people decide which RV might suit them best - or at least get them thinking. Feel free to check out our blogYouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram.

David Stoltz


DISCLAIMER: The suggested RV's on this site are based on our research and general opinions. Your specific needs may differ greatly from someone else's and our suggestions are completely subjective.